Finally Enough Talk: 50 Questions With Madonna

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    Madonna celebrates the release of her 'Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones' remix collection by answering 50 fan questions about the album, her career, life and more...
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@chrisfernando3199 +1

I really want this generation to appreciate Madonna, she’s one of the few last living legends. She’s done so much for music.

@Samuel115s +521

I love how she is still so full of energy and youth. She is redefining what it means to be in your 60s

@admon2205 +1

Been a fan since 2012, now 2022 and still curious and interested to her. I hope she lives 104 years old

9 часов назад
@jakobwhale5241 +198

I really enjoyed this. She's so full of life and sassy. Hasn't lost an sparks and even gained some over time. Madonna rocks!

@griffinjackson2522 +481

I feel so fortunate to have been able to grow up with Madonna in my life. As a lonely closeted gay 15 year old living in the sticks I had no idea that there was such a thing as the gay community & queer culture. Madonna opened the closet door for me and taught me to be proud & unapologetic. Through her music videos, concerts & interviews she bravely spoke about & stood up for LGBTQ rights when no one else was. Madonna also helped shift my single moms opinions on sex and what it means to be a strong independent woman. Because of that my mom excepted & loved her gay son when everyone around her told her not to. And when Madonna’s SEX book came out, I begged her for a copy for my 16th b-day. Mom wrestled with whether or not to buy it for me, but in the end she did. When I opened it up in front of my horrified family members my mom said “It’s just sex! We all do it! And Wendy (her sister) you can wipe that nasty judgmental look off your face. Thanks to your loud mouth husband we all know about your extensive sex toy collection!” Thank you Madonna!!!


I love you Madonna.

4 часа назад
@JohnnyMadder +407

No cualquier artista puede decir que ha llegado a los 40 años de carrera musical en una manera tan plena, con 50 números 1, la gira más recaudadora de la historia por una mujer, con un alma tan buena y caritativa haciendo una hermosa labor en África, luchando por los derechos de la comunidad LGBT y las mujeres y siendo una inspiración para las nuevas generaciones de cantantes. Muchas felicidades eterna y gran Reina del Pop

@manuelitabela +308

"There's no end to the inspiration, if you're a curious person and you're paying attention to life you'll never stop being inspired." ❤️

@MusicTlse31 +164

Madonna is such an inspiration... she's free, she can do whatever she wants with her life, with her music... she's also so witty. Thank you Madonna for such an amazing career. We must not take her for granted when so many of her peers have gone. We should support her even more. Love her

@d.e.t4147 +94

"There is no end to the inspiration. If you are a curious person, and you're paying attention to life, you will never stop being inspired."...... such a beautiful, poetic, and profound statement! ❤

@arodriguez7736 +125

Became a fan two years ago. I find out more things about her everyday. She’s the Queen! Never boring! 🥰 Love Madonna!

@P19S48 +1

Love you Madonna 😍 🤍❤. I'm your big fan since im 8 years old. Greetings from UK 🇬🇧. Godbless.

4 часа назад
@josiej604 +289

"If you run away from your Karma and don't take the time to correct it, it will find you again" ~Madonna

@robertnycguyraisedonrecord7587 +55

Fan since 1982. So many lives lived with Madonna’s discography since 1982. ❤️

@Nik773 +83

- What makes you feel powerful?


I love her i been a fan since i was 14

9 часов назад
@danielforsyth1026 +4

I've been a Super Fan since the release of The First Album in 1983 when I was 6 years old. I have to admit I was starting to get frustrated with her recent strange Instagram posts and started to dislike her look but have to say this is the best she has looked in over 10 years and the answers she gave are sassy and real to the core bring on the number ones tour we all need this next year ❤️

@kristianfletcher3018 +12

When I was discovering music for the first time - I stumbled upon Madonna’s IMMACULATE COLLECTION… it changed my life. Have followed her since 1990 and cannot put in to words the impact she’s had on popular culture

@JohnnyMadder +177

What a time to be alive! this album is amazing and we are happy to celebrate the 40th anniversary of your career! ❤️

@honeybee6002 +4

There will never be another person like her. Madonna is an icon. She is a special soul. She is showing us all how to live until the very end. She is creative. She has always re-invented herself. She has created the life of her dreams. She is also a wonderful mother. We are grateful for her music that has inspired the world for so many generations.


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