Madonna - Hung Up (Live at the 2006 Grammy Awards)

  • Опубликовано: 2 года назад

    подписчиков: 6 млн

    You're watching the 2006 Grammy Awards live performance of “Hung Up” featuring Gorillaz. Original song taken from Madonna's album 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' released on Warner Bros in 2005. Buy/Stream the album here:
    Listen to Madonna’s latest release here:
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@isaaklondon7720 +2

Fans or not, many fell in love with this musical era of Madonna.

2 года назад
@kstar6508 +1

Iconic. Future generations won't see stars like Madonna. Brilliant mind, a genius.

Год назад
@Filmstarindamaking +352

She was 48 years old in 2006 and looking fantastic and still at the top of her game! What a

@AJcrazy4lyf +156

I love how she always gives the spotlight to her dancers so the audience shows them the appreciation they deserve. ❤️

@zazlar4228 +686

Back in the 2000's was music was still so visually and musically captivating, because you would actually still watch all these videos and performances ON THE TV and it was still so exciting to see your favorite artist at number 1 !!! Today, entertainment has shifted to social media and it's just not the same at all

Год назад
@robinmateus7121 +265

OMG!!!! She performed the song with the same dancers in the original videoclip!! What a spectacle!!! This show is a Masterpiece!! 🤤🤤🤤 Speechless! 😍

Год назад
@hemanuel5938 +4

She was definitely at the top of her beauty on Confessions era.

2 года назад
@bradleyrichard +167

One of the best performances the Grammys has ever seen. Why don’t pop stars dance anymore?

@gisally4678 +92

Ouvi pela primeira vez essa musica essa semana e estou viciada nela, a sonoridade das músicas antigas são tão boas

@jessetoscano6299 +63

Esta mujer es increíble con razón es la Reyna del pop 😍

@senorgato70 +261

This was the first definitive "proof" of the US ageism against artists. For a song to top 41 countries' charts and yet only peak at #7 in the US is beyond comprehension to me. Much of the charts back in 2005 relied on airplay as a factor in chart position. I rarely heard the song ever played on any popular radio station and in California of all places. This song should have gone down as one of her biggest songs in her entire history.

Год назад
@jamiefoyers2800 +39

Love this track and Madonna shows us all here why she's one of the greatest performers of all time in this performance. Class stuff.

@windynichya +782

Every look was just fire during the confessions era. I honestly think the 70s disco look suits her. She has never looked better in my opinion. I also loved that she genuinely seemed to be having fun all tbe time too.

2 года назад
@PiCheZvara +9

Really, it's almost unbelievable how fit and good looking she was here at 47. She pulled it off, she was hot and relevant at that age for young people and teenagers and nobody could deny it. That's what this performance is too - it's undeniable.

@Justatu3 +70

One of her GREATEST eras ever. I love you so much Madonna ❤️

Год назад
@sstarcita2214 +8

esta mujer es extraordinaria, no veo que aun alguna artista femenina la haya podido superar en su performance

Год назад
@thiagosoares8305 +9

Que hino!!! Foi um estouro na época!

@shirleysouzasilva +55

Esta mulher é simplesmente maravilhosa!

Год назад
@siyuwoaini +1

I can't believe Confessions didn't even get a single nomination in the General section that year. That was really biased and unfair, considering Confessions was amongst the BEST dance albums ever made. It was absolutely top notch quality music

Год назад

Um cllássico tecno pop da década 2000, a Diva é simplesmente espetacular...


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