Madonna - World of Madame X

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    You're watching Madonna's official "World of Madame X" documentary.
    Set in Lisbon, Portugal, Madonna Shares the Inspiration Behind the “World Of Madame X” in this Documentary Short About Her "Madame X" Album. Madonna is joined in the 23-minute documentary, beautifully set in Lisbon, Portugal, by collaborators that were part of, and inspired, Madame X.
    Listen to ‘Madame X’ here:

    - Director / Editor
    Nuno Xico
    - Director of Photography
    William DeSena
    - Production Company
    Good Company
    - Executive Producers
    Ralph Miccio, Ryan Heiferman
    - Producer
    Stephen Holtzhauser
    - Post Producer
    Andrew Illson
    - Audio Mixer
    Nicholas Montgomery
    - Assistant Editors
    Jeanette Suleiman, Ben Lomeli, Hao-Hung Jerry Chia
    - Colorist
    Carlos Flores
    - Color Producers
    Ali Webb, Denisse Jimenez
    *Lisbon Unit:
    - Executive Producers
    Telma Alfredo João Vilela Ricardo Estevão
    - Production Manager
    Diogo Uva
    - Production Coordinators
    Graça Sacramento Ana Gaspar
    - 1st Assistant Director
    Paulo Belém
    - Production Assistants
    Edno Furtado João Lobão Salvador Burnay Bruno Leite Miguel Perdigão
    - Focus Puller
    Alexandre Valentim
    - 2nd Image Assistant
    Inês Gonçalo
    - Movi Operator
    Diego Comendador
    - DIT
    Telmo Romão Mobile DIT Van
    - Set Assistant
    Ricardo Reynaud
    - Props Masters
    Manuela Sousa Ana Sousa
    - Props Assistants
    Maria Amaral Marcos
    - Sound Tech
    Ricardo Sequeira
    - Sound Tech Assistant
    Diana Meireles
    - Gaffer
    Álvaro Sousa
    - Gaffer Assistants
    João Correia Hugo Nunes Marco Ferreira
    - Genny Operator
    Rui Rodrigues
    - Key Grip
    Horácio Gonçalves
    - Grip Assistants
    José Loureiro Fábio Alas
    - Production Equipment
    Gonçalo Silva
    - Location Scouter
    João Alves
    - Service Providers
    Showreel - Nuno Morgado
    PG Photograhicas - Kristen Michl 7a Arte Catering
    Visual Make Up
    Security - António Leiria Sadorent
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Sophie +4

Obrigado pela sua contribuição artística e por ter ajudado tantas minorias ❤️

EntrancedGay92 +114

Madame X is truly one of Madonna's greatest albums. It joins the ranks of Like a Prayer, Erotica and Ray of Light. It's an album that only comes around once ever few decades and I feel so fortunate that I just happened to be alive at the same time this work of art made its appearance.

Год назад
Hardik Solanki +320
Hardik Solanki

She can easily rely on the formula of her previous hits but she chooses to reinvent and venture into new territories. That's a real artist there.

Год назад
TheGardner22 +418

This is not just an album, it's a criminally underrated sonic essay, a true masterpiece of concept and inspiration.

Год назад
interstellaristic +5

Madonna said once that " I want to be the Picasso of music,I'll never stop making music I'll sing dance and perform till I die" and yes shes doing it.

Год назад
Xmas +7

this is so beautiful I teared up and am just sitting here with chills in awe. I have been singing like a virgin in the car since I was 5 driving in the way way back with my mom. whatever way way back means. but it's very memorable. you've been through every chapter of my life, Madge. you have done so much for this world and women I'm so thrilled to have incarnated in a generation with you as our Queen.

Год назад
José Navarrete +1
José Navarrete

the way that she's still reinventing herself even after 40 years in the business .... that's a real artist y'all

Год назад
M Dolla +43
M Dolla

I love to see the story behind each song. Madonna is a creative genius and she pours her heart into her art. I loved Madame X and I hope more people appreciate this album for the beautiful gem that it is.

Год назад
Ioannis Zisis +9
Ioannis Zisis

Madame X is one her best, yet most underrated albums. So many different sounds from different places mixed together in a beautiful collage, that still stands as a typical Madonna album. Gotta give her so much credit for still experimenting as an artist and not playing safe and sticking to her back catalogue. QUEEN!❤️❤️❤️

Год назад
Tony Jacob FR +24
Tony Jacob FR

It’s not easy to be a legend.... it’s not easy to be MADONNA !

Год назад
andreyyue5j +4

Thank you for this amazing documentary Madonna, you're awesome!

Год назад
Ricardo Moisson +2
Ricardo Moisson

This album is her best since confessions on a dance floor...

Naur King +510
Naur King

I really don't know why she's not as much acclaimed as other artists of her level. She's the only artist that keeps releasing interesting stuff in her 60s, no other singer has done that, they usually rely in their oldest music. She keeps trying new things that no other artist has try, not even the younger ones, that's what you do when you LOVE music.

Год назад
Bruno Huann Nogueira +11
Bruno Huann Nogueira

Love you Madonna! Thank you for this masterpiece 💕💕💕

Год назад
Alby Perruzza +108
Alby Perruzza

She is a once in a lifetime superstar that we are blessed to have co-existed with!

Год назад
찌호 +2

actually I'm 19 yrs old, and I've been her biggest fan since when I was only 15. This is her power that no other female artists have. Her music never gets old, and of course, she also never gets old (I'm not just talking about her face). And o.c. the fact that she's still trying something new despite her age is soooo inspiring to me. It makes me reflect on myself. In the country I live in, South Korea, MJ is still famous in young generations and acclaimed as King Of MUSIC, but Madonna isn't. Many young people don't know what she has done. I don't have any intention to mock MJ(I love him too), but hope you know what I'm talking about. They both achieved so many things in pop culture. It's so unfair 😢😢 I'm really sad everything she has done is being ignored nowdays. Something's going totally wrong.

Год назад
Andres Vazquez +14
Andres Vazquez

I've been a fan since 1985. Madonna's creative process astounds me. She's incredible. This glimpse into her creative mind is brilliant! I've already watched this a few times. Love this so much!!!

Год назад
Well Kevelly +16
Well Kevelly

I'd like to say this woman inspires me since I was a child. Her attitudes and everything that she says with no fear about the media will say, she's strong like no other was before.

Год назад
Deano Deano +137
Deano Deano

This 22 minute film just reinvigorated my love for this album as a whole, rather than just a handful of my favourite songs from it. Truly inspiring. She is an absolute blessing.

Год назад
Montse Puyuelo Rosello +1
Montse Puyuelo Rosello

Madonna es un referente para todo el mundo es Cantante, activista y con su música rebolúciono una manera de vestir como le dar la gana y nunca morirá a pasado a ser inmortal.. MyladyBlanca Saluda ⭐🔥🔥

Год назад


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