Madonna Vs Sickick - Frozen (Fireboy DML Remix) [Official Music Video]

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    подписчиков: 6 млн

    You're watching the official remix video for Madonna Vs Sickick’s "Frozen" (Fireboy DML Remix).
    - Buy/Stream the Fireboy DML Remix:
    - Buy/Stream the original Madonna Vs Sickick version:
    Ricardo Gomes
    Exec Producer
    Kelly Broad
    EP/Head of Production
    Rebecca Siegel
    Vincent Terrazzino
    Edited by
    Ryan Drake
    Hair for Madonna: Andy Lecompte
    Makeup for Madonna: Kennedy
    Nails for Madonna & Fireboy: Naomi Yasuda
    Styling by: Rita Melssen
    Esthetician: Tarin Graham
    Production Supervisor
    Blaine Moir
    Communications Coordinator
    Serrina Lam
    Director of Photography
    David Devlin
    Camera Operator
    Ryan Drake
    - 1st AC
    Ryan Voisine
    - 2nd AC
    Kyle Deven
    - DIT
    Margaret Parus
    - Gaffer
    Rob Doumitt
    - BB Electric
    Rodney James
    - Electric
    Lou Ramos
    - Dimmerboard Op
    Anderson Lau
    - Key Grip
    Perry Karidis
    - BB Grip
    Bodie Hyman
    - Grip
    Jamie Franta
    - Production Designer
    David Courtemarche
    - Set Decorator / Coordinator
    Ashley Zunino
    - Leadman
    David S. Courtemarche
    - Art Assistant
    Tony Madrigal
    - Art Assistant
    Ben Hanning
    - Playback
    Ignacio Martinez
    Sound: Demetrius Moore
    - VTR
    Douglas Birdsell
    - Projector
    Brent Becker
    - Wardrobe Assist
    Frankie MacLaughlin
    - Tailor
    Samuel Ososki
    - Testing Nurse
    Melinda Dammone
    - Prod Asst (Truck)
    Joe Hill
    - Prod Asst (AD)
    Emmitt Tekstra
    - Prod Asst (Set)
    Jobim Hanwright
    - Prod Asst (Set)
    Justin Marquez
    - Prod Asst (Set)
    Kierra Damone
    Colorist: Houmam
    Sound Design: Akira Woodgrain
    BTS: Courtney Harvier
    Fireboy’s team: Alex Okeke, Oluwaseun Fasehun, Kareem Mobolaji, Dionna Johnson
    Madonna’s management team: Guy Oseary, Sara Zambreno, Johann Delebarre, Rachel Gordh, Vanessa Siravo
    Special thanks to: Mike Caren at APG & Ashley May at Warners

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TrinTrin • +3
TrinTrin •

The fact she was a pop star in the 80’s and she’s still killing it in 2022

Passageiro de algum trem
Passageiro de algum trem

Madonna é a única cantora pop com carreira ininterrupta e curtos hiatos ao longo do tempo, a ultrapassar os 40 anos de carreira musical. Não é a toa que ganhou a reverência de Rainha do pop mundial. Sempre se reinventando, como a mídia descreve. Amo a versão original de Frozen, mas esta versão deu um novo gás e um olhar diferenciado. Ícone inquestionável.

4 часа назад
Neel Santo +9
Neel Santo

I mean , can we give props to Sickick for making this banger !!

4 часа назад
WezzaKay +4


4 часа назад
popping_robo_da +4

Madonna will never grow old..she is an enigma..icon

16 часов назад
Nick Moore +2
Nick Moore

She is beautiful ❤

4 часа назад
Isaak London +4
Isaak London

Guinness should deliver a record to Madonna, for being the woman on planet earth with the most changes of looks. She is the queen of reinvention.

Ivo Melício +126
Ivo Melício

The only problem with this remix is ​​because it ends. I can't stop listening.

Simon Nwafor +425
Simon Nwafor

This video is addictive to watch. The sound is sublime. It has been on repeat here. Madonna is classic, FireBoy is magical

Jasmine C. +161
Jasmine C.

Fireboy is like coming from another planet. He really brought Afropop music to another level. Generally, I’m not a fan of classic tracks’ remixes, but this one is something!

AnonTom +229

It’s weird the more I hear this, the more I like it. Really sincere sounding. Better than the other remix imo.

Ojo Emmanuel
Ojo Emmanuel

Fireboy! Back after 8months.

7 часов назад
Timothy Morigeau +2
Timothy Morigeau

This is pretty dope actually. She should do more modern remixes of her best hits like this.

Bruno Lima +158
Bruno Lima

Cara, que música incrível, transcedental, vejo o azul do nascer do Sol num dia nublado. Me faz sentir uma vibe boa.

Marvin Soto +89
Marvin Soto

A pesar de los años, de tanto nuevo artista y tantos nuevos géneros, ella sabe cómo seguir vigente y colarse en nuestras cabezas y no salir de ahí

Daahsuz +1

Got chills when that beat dropped, and the clip of the dobie to start was dope… DML doin his thing as usual 🔥

14 дней назад


Obinna Okpani +1
Obinna Okpani

I love this song God bless Madonna for giving fire boy opportunity on this lovely song

Jason Daniel Jimenez Zamora +73
Jason Daniel Jimenez Zamora

Para mí la versión original de Frozen siempre será una obra de arte y un video icónico, pero esta nueva versión Remix pega muy bien con el Beat actual de la música, buen mood, sonidos y Madonna hermosa realmente buena colaboración. 🔥💙🔥🖤

Demon Hybrid +73
Demon Hybrid

I don't really care much for Madonna but for her age she definitely understands what young people are into these days and man did she do an amazing job of it with this song.


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