Madonna - Living For Love (Live at the 2015 Grammy Awards)

  • Опубликовано: Год назад

    подписчиков: 6 млн

    You're watching the 2015 Grammy Awards live performance of “Living For Love”. Original song taken from Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' album released on Interscope Records in 2015. Buy/Stream the 'Rebel Heart' album here:​
    Listen to Madonna’s latest release here:
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Facundo. +1

She was 56 here with 33 years of career and still a better performer than everybody there. A better performer than an entire generation. This was iconic, even after so many years. Definitely, the Queen of Music.

Год назад
Jaen Carlos +718
Jaen Carlos

A woman who opened a lot of doors and set no boundaries for the new female artists.

Год назад
Mauricio Jordan +217
Mauricio Jordan

when she takes her jacket off and starts twirling around it's like she's a young girl it's crazy, her energy is truly magnetic

Год назад
Kyle King +298
Kyle King

Madonna is and will ever be the QUEEN of pop.

Год назад
enmanuel montaña +2
enmanuel montaña

Ella es una Mujer transgresora, increíble, auténtica, sin precedentes 🔥✨💖😍🤍.

RaiRaiBrown +85

It's so much fun to watch her performances, they are all EPIC!!!.

Camilo Restrepo +403
Camilo Restrepo

Today marks 6 years of this performance. Madonna’s team is really doing their job! We want all her live performances ❤️

Год назад
Gräz MSP +214
Gräz MSP

This woman is insane, beyond and amazing. There will never be anyone like her ever again, shes a legend. The queen of pop, miss Madonna

Год назад
Brent Stephens +90
Brent Stephens

What a star. What a performance. What a woman!!!! All hail the Queen!

Год назад
Milo Dueñas +6
Milo Dueñas

La mejor actuación de Madonna en la década pasada, junto con el medio tiempo del Super bowl

Michael Wilson +13
Michael Wilson

Been a fan since 1982. Love her to death.

Год назад
Gonzalo Pereira +5
Gonzalo Pereira

Madonna es imparable la edad no le importa a ella. Siempre será la reina del pop🎙❤

Rino +777

There’s not a single event that Madonna attended or performed in that isn’t absolutely spectacular and where her presence just dominates literally everything and everyone around her.

Год назад
Vandeilson Santos +1
Vandeilson Santos

Essa música é muito dahora ❤️💥

День назад
me +29

She really is the Queen AND King of Pop…just truly music royalty…long live “them”…long live MADONNA! ❤️

Год назад
Halid +1

I have always appreciated Madonna because she is charming and she has always had a great spiritual wealth that she made us discover through her songs.

Год назад
David Mendoza +7
David Mendoza

Grande Reina inigualable como tu no hay otra la única Reina del pop jamás nadie te igualaraaaaa

Год назад
Larissa Fagundes +6
Larissa Fagundes

Madonna é incrivel

Mike Mars +289
Mike Mars

¿Cuántos fans latinos de la Reina? 👑♥️

Год назад
landry spektor +406
landry spektor

She is the greatest female performer of all time!!!!!

Год назад


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