Madonna Vs Sickick - Frozen (feat. 070 Shake) [Official Music Video]

  • Опубликовано: 8 месяцев назад

    подписчиков: 6 млн

    You're watching the official music video for Madonna Vs Sickick’s "Frozen" (feat. 070 Shake).
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    Directed by Ryan Drake and Ricardo Gomes
    Director of photography: Pascal Dangin
    Camera: Courtney Harvier
    Edited by Ryan Drake and Courtney Harvier
    Hair by Andy Lecompte
    Hair assistant: William Clark
    Hair assistant: Isaiah Cortez
    Makeup by Aaron Henrikson
    Stylist: Rita Melssen
    Esthetician: Tarin Graham
    Playback: Demetrius Moore
    Colorist :
    Sound design by Akira Woodgrain
    Special thanks: Shavawn Rissman, Nicole Tran, Golden Smith, Vanessa Siravo, Vince Terrazzino
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Madonna +1

Video and Song For Frozen are finally here—featuring 070 Shake 🔥🔥🔥

Oscar Guardiola +1
Oscar Guardiola

I don't care what anybody says. Some people may not be a fan of these remixes but I love the fact that she is putting this out and collaborating with lesser-known artists. I think I like this remix a little bit better then the other one. She keeps getting criticized about what she does but she just keeps going and that's what I love about her!

Selena Despositos
Selena Despositos

This is my favorite frozen sick kick remix. Not sure how this song couldn’t blow up on charts and bring it to number one

7 часов назад
mantisman82 +393

40 years into her career and she is still switching it up. Dropping a remix with a video for each verse!! This beat, rap, her melody holding it together, the visual, the sound!! It's so damn creative.

Annie Stacie +550
Annie Stacie

I appreciate how Madonna gave these remix artists most of the spotlight in these videos. She let them shine and looked great dancing.

G. G. +235
G. G.

As a true Madonna fan.. you’ll see she’s being innovative with what she’s doing with these frozen remixes. Such a multitasker… introducing newer generations newer artists and introducing her music to newer generation. She’s brilliant. I’m 40 and have been a fan since I was a child. Her music is a huge part of my life. Love u Madonna.

Fernando A
Fernando A

MADONNA 🌟 é Uma Super ESTRELA e Rainha Absoluta da Pop MUSIC MUNDIAL, Excelente Cantora Norte Americana 🇺🇸 e Suas Músicas São Lindas perfeitas , ela é SUCESSO Absoluto nas Plataformas Digitais do Mundo! 🌟👑🌷🤩❤️🇺🇸🌎👏👍✌️ SENSACIONAL 🌟👍

Coolian +8

Arte, innovación, independencia, belleza, todo eso es este nuevo remix de la Reina, te amamos M!!! 👑✨💖

Julio Cerritos
Julio Cerritos

Devo decir que madonna nunca me a dejado de sorprender es una arista completa nunca se quedó en un estilo o género la amo y siempre la amaré mi inspiración 💕 la verdad

Mc Tchelo
Mc Tchelo

Eu oro toda noite para uma música minha estourar, Sei que algum Dia Direi, Não Foi fácil, Mas eu Consegui 🙏 FÉ um dia chega o dia. 🤩💎

Cresp Joe +14
Cresp Joe

OMG its so satisfying to know that she pushed this remix officialy. Much love 🤘🏼

Jzon Azari +303
Jzon Azari

Love that she’s revamping her catalog. That’s how you know you’re iconic.

Parviz S +39
Parviz S

After being her fan for the past 40 years, I can easily say that I have never seen anyone more talented, inspiring, loveable, and relaxed than Madonna. She designs and writes every single song in a way that tells you the story of a lifetime. While listening to her songs, she will take you through a roller coaster ride of many unforgettable emotions. I love you very much, Madonna. I can't remember when I was not madly in love with your songs, life story, talented hard work, and, most importantly, magical performance. (I am now an internationally published author. Thank you very much for being the best source of inspiration for me!)

TJ Wolf +452
TJ Wolf

Whoa the fact that Madonna did a collab is a HUGE step for 070 Shake!

Eduardo Loera +61
Eduardo Loera

This is the best version for me, the 070 shake verse is very good, her voice really works with Madonna´s voice

Elisabeth Vilanculos +33
Elisabeth Vilanculos

La adoro, escucho sus canciones desde que era pequeña. Cundo escucho su voz me vibra el cuerpo. Personas como ella nunca debería de morir

Mario Barron +57
Mario Barron

This is not just a second remix, we are talking about a new concept! Good one Queen!!!

Dennison Gaetz +30
Dennison Gaetz

Sickick and Madonna... the mix I never knew I needed. Simply amazing!

Dominique Baptiste +6
Dominique Baptiste

This is amazing. I always loved Madonna as a little girl and we still on the same wavelength. I'm 30 now and 070 shake is amazing.

Mario Barron +21
Mario Barron

Absolutamente hermosa, Reina del Pop, un remix increíble y totalmente reinterpretado... No cabe duda que tu nuevo protegido Sickik tiene uno de los más inteligentes impulsos de su marca, quiero más remixes!!!


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