Madonna - 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show

  • Опубликовано: Год назад

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    You're watching Madonna's 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance.
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JustMe +3

She debuted in 1982. This was 30 years into her legendary career, at 54 years old. She's freaking amazing.

まりーさんのYOLO@USA! +21

This was THE half-time show. They don’t do shows like this anymore. I remember being blown away, and rewatching it today blew me away again. This was so awesome. Madonna was 54. Just amazing. Hail the queen.

7 часов назад
Aleksey Lisovskiy +2
Aleksey Lisovskiy

Вау! Больше нет слов, браво!)

4 часа назад
Albert Wise +14
Albert Wise

Madonna knows how to put on a show. We have loved her for over 30 years ❤️. Keep it up.

9 часов назад
israel arruda +7
israel arruda

Única rainha do pop 👑♥️

7 часов назад
Vertiz Rivera +12
Vertiz Rivera

The one and only Madonna... The Queen of Pop Music... one of the best perfomance ever... in all history baby

9 часов назад
José Navarrete +5
José Navarrete

i just realized that before this show not a lot of female artists would headline the superbowl, but after this, only in a couple of years, beyonce, katy perry, lady gaga, shakira and jlo did it, Madonna as always, openning the doors for women

Год назад
Розарио Агро +1
Розарио Агро

Это просто бомбисимо 🤷‍♂️💣💣💣👍👏👏👏

2 часа назад
SVkicks For life +4
SVkicks For life

One of my favorite performances from her. 👏🏼👏🏼🥰

4 часа назад
Dee Cohen +1
Dee Cohen

I love that she’s such a freaking legend that she always features new artist upcoming artist already famous artists but then just like marching bands are you kidding me what the hell I’m here for it

4 часа назад
CJ Meiko +3
CJ Meiko

Even now in December of 2022 looking back this was epic. Her, Prince, Michael Jackson, etc, those Halftime Shows were awesome.

21 час назад
LA Tragica Gèzhōu 各小卜l +1
LA Tragica Gèzhōu 各小卜l

esto hay q sentarse a verlo,madonna x siempre 😘🇨🇺

10 часов назад
Reggie Meneses +1
Reggie Meneses

Here we are 10 years later and it still feels fresh, innovative, and exhilarating. Madonna understood the assignment and delivered an spectacular show worthy of the global reach of the Super Bowl!

The Scavenger +1
The Scavenger

Madonna, a great singer🥰🥰🥰

18 часов назад

What an evening out that would have been. WOW!!!!! I WISH I WAS THERE. This beautiful creative woman has passed a lot to get to where she is today. She did it with 36 dollars and a greyhound bus ticket at age 17. Absolute American dream of hard work and triumph. And now the Queen Of Pop and a Female ICON. Well done. We love you Madonna. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

7 часов назад
mooky +2

I only knew and liked two or three songs in 12 minutes. Her catalog is huge

2 часа назад
Brian Ellinger
Brian Ellinger

Damn her team is even awesome live

23 часа назад
Brian Ellinger +1
Brian Ellinger

She is dancing like that live too.

23 часа назад
Ollie +2

I had goosebumps with Madonna’s entrance. She’s like “The real queen is only me and forever will be.”

Год назад
Emanuel Rosell +18
Emanuel Rosell

This is EPIC!!!!

14 часов назад


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